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Experienced Jumper

Experienced Skydivers

Reliable and Highly Efficient Dropzone

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What’s Needed to Check-in

Experienced Skydivers


Information Required for Check-In

First-time skydiving? No problem! Tandem skydiving makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the amazing thrill of skydiving safely,
no experience required!

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Documentation Required for Check-In

Do you dream of flying solo? Our training programs will teach you to become an independent skydiver and start you on your journey to earning your skydiving license.

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Documentation Required for Inspection

Are you an experienced skydiver? Skydive SkyCaptain welcomes all fun jumpers to join our community! Click here to learn more about our facilities, landing area, and lift ticket prices.

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Offer An Unforgettable Gift

Looking for an awesome gift idea? With our skydiving certificate you can give the best gift ever, the gift of flight! Making a skydive is the perfect way to celebrate life’s most important moments!

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Experienced Jumper Prices

Description Price for 1
1 Jump $27,50 each
Block of 10 jumps $26,10 each
Block of 25 jumps $25,30 each
Rig hire; incl. Packjob $16,50 each